April 12, 2018 – SF SPCA Celebrates Lifesaving Partnership in Stockton –

The San Francisco SPCA has a long and respected history of helping shelters transform to centers of hope and compassion. Based on this experience, we know that shelters sometimes cannot embrace best practices for welfare and lifesaving without removing legal roadblocks in their own communities.

Conditions at Stockton Animal Services have improved dramatically after a five-year partnership with the SF SPCA. In November 2012, the two shelters entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and the SF SPCA began assisting Stockton to improve shelter conditions, increase welfare, and save as many animal lives as possible.

In addition to the hands-on support we offered, the SF SPCA worked with Stockton city officials to change ineffective local laws, recruit progressive leadership, and dramatically increase government funding for the shelter. The results were astonishing and lasting. More than 40,000 animal lives were saved. With a local nonprofit in Stockton ready to assume responsibility for the shelter, the SF SPCA now leaves Stockton with a solid foundation to continue its success.

The SF SPCA intends to take what we’ve learned in Stockton and help other shelters in need. Bringing our legal expertise to communities with outdated policies and laws will bring exponential gains to shelters in underserved areas. We’re excited to continue this transformative work.