July 26, 2016 – Jonny Justice Joins President Breed and SF SPCA to Help Canine Victims of Dogfighting –

The San Francisco SPCA is glad that California will no longer label dogs seized from illegal dog fighting rings as “vicious” without a without a behavioral assessment, paving the way for safe dogs and puppies to be given a second chance – and a new home.

Earlier this year, the SF SPCA and President London Breed welcomed one of the rehabilitated dogs from the infamous Michael Vick dogfighting case, Jonny Justice, to a Board of Supervisors hearing in support of this statewide change. In 2007, Jonny Justice was one of 49 dogs rescued from dog fighting investigation surrounding NFL quarterback Michael Vick in Virginia. Jonny was adopted by his foster parents, Cris Cohen and Jennifer Long, who reside here in San Francisco. Jonny is now a beloved therapy dog who volunteers regularly in his community.

AB 1825 removes the “vicious” label that is automatically applied to some animal victims of dog fighting, which often puts them on a path to euthanasia. Once it goes into effect, it will permit California animal shelters to preserve public safety and to protect dogs by providing victims with the same individual health and behavioral assessments as other dogs who are taken in by shelters.