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Fourth of July Safety

Celebrate Safely with Your Pets The 4th of July holiday is a happy and celebratory time for us humans. We cook out, set off fireworks (or watch them), spend a

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Summer Activities

Summer is here!  Let playtime begin! Whether you have a cat or a dog, or are the lucky person with both, you can engage your pet with lots of summer activities

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Advocacy Impact

Shelter PALS is working to transform animal sheltering in California.

Annual Reports

San Francisco SPCA Annual Report 2022-2023—155 Years of Compassion in Action
Annual Report 2022–2023
San Francisco SPCA Annual Report 2021-2022 Cover
Annual Report 2021–2022
San Francisco SPCA Annual Report 2020-2021 Cover
Annual Report 2020–2021

Our Animals Magazine

Our Animals—Summer 2024
San Francisco SPCA Our Animals Spring 2024 Magazine
Our Animals—Spring 2024
SF SPCA Our Animals Magazine Fall 2023
Our Animals—Fall 2023

Legacy Society News

Legacy Society News—Spring 2024
Legacy Society News—Fall 2023
San Francisco SPCA Legacy Society News Spring 2023
Legacy Society News—Spring 2023

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