July 25, 2016 – Our Bill to Prohibit the Use of Gas Chambers to Kill Dogs and Cats Signed into Law –

In partnership with Assemblymember Bill Quirk, the San Francisco SPCA has successfully stopped the use of gas chambers to kill dogs and cats in California. Today, Governor Brown signed AB 2505.

In 1998, the legislature prohibited the use of carbon monoxide for the purpose of killing dogs and cats. Unfortunately, the use of carbon dioxide was not banned. When the SF SPCA and the HSUS presented Assemblymember Quirk with evidence of how inhumane the use of carbon dioxide is when ending an animal’s life, he immediately agreed to work on a bill to stop its use.

The SF SPCA is relieved to have closed this inhumane loophole in the law. We are grateful that no cat or dog entering a California shelter will ever again spend his or her final moments in a horrific gas chamber.