Our Advocacy Department keeps the community up-to-date on animal welfare issues and educates people on how to get involved and become advocates. Through action alerts, blog posts, and social media, we aim to inform and empower our readers so they can make their voices heard on behalf of animals in need.

Education is one of three key components of Vision 2020, which is the San Francisco SPCA's plan to end animal abandonment in San Francisco by the year 2020. The SF SPCA is imbedded in the community to be a resource of information, support and to encourage advocacy. Our Advocacy Department takes us a step closer to Vision 2020 by identifying and impacting animal welfare issues in San Francisco, the state of California, and beyond.

Whether you are a seasoned activist or a first-timer, here are 3 easy ways for you to get involved:

  1. Stay up-to-date on local animal welfare issues by following our advocacy blog and following us on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Lend your voice to animals by contacting your elected officials.
  3. Magnify your impact by spreading the word and inviting people to join you.

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

In all aspects of our work, whether evaluating legislative bills that impact animals, or ensuring humane and proper care for all the animals in our care, the SF SPCA looks to the Five Freedoms as guiding principles of animal welfare. These basic ideals set forth an appropriate quality of life for animals under human care and provide a solid framework for communities to assess animal welfare, identify areas that need improvement and put into action changes to enhance the well-being of animals.

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
    By ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigor.
  • Freedom from Discomfort
    By providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
    By prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
    By providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company.
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress
    By ensuring conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering.