Authorize telemedicine practice for veterinarians – ACTIVE

AB 1399 will authorize telemedicine practice for veterinarians with a current California license.  The use of veterinary telemedicine will significantly reduce animal suffering, alleviate financial and logistical barriers to veterinary care, improve pet retention, and extend the capacity of animal shelters to serve animals and their communities. This bill is sponsored by five state lawmakers and is strongly supported by the SF SPCA. California’s animal […]

AB 1237 Will Bring Relief to California’s Most Vulnerable Animals – ACTIVE

The San Francisco SPCA is proud to announce our first proposed legislation tackling our state’s current access-to-veterinary-care crisis. As many of you know, a growing shortage of veterinarians is impacting hundreds of thousands of California’s shelter and companion animals. We’re seeing delays in medical treatment, overcrowding in the shelters, and more outbreaks of disease. Sometimes, shelters […]

Good News for California’s Animals!

I am pleased to share that Governor Gavin Newsom just issued an update to his shelter-in-place order, clarifying that animal care facilities – including animal shelters – are categorized as essential services. Until now, the public has been confused about how to engage with vital animal services in their communities. Each animal shelter – and […]