Victory: California to Invest $50 Million in Programs to Save Shelter Animals!

The SF SPCA’s Shelter Policy and Legal team (Shelter PALS), alongside other animal welfare organizations, recently advocated for the biggest-ever state investment in California’s animal shelters. This effort has yielded wonderful news! The State of California will now be investing $50 million over the next five years to help homeless animals! This will have a tremendous positive impact on the homeless dogs and cats in our state.

“This funding will help under-resourced communities get the expertise, support, and assistance they need to save lives and improve welfare,” said Brandy Kuentzel, SF SPCA SVP of Law & Advocacy. “It will change countless animal lives for the better.”

Many California communities have made significant progress in animal sheltering, but there are others where success remains out of reach because resources do not match community needs. With San Francisco being one of the safest places to be a homeless dog or cat in the nation, the SF SPCA fought hard for this budget request so that all California communities can have the support they need to meet the state’s policy goal, that no healthy or treatable dog or cat is euthanized in an animal shelter.

Thanks to Governor Gavin Newsom for championing this unprecedented investment in animal shelters and congratulations to U.C. Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, which will be granting the money to the neediest communities.

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