Kush and Her Puppies: A Story from Our Mobile Vaccine Clinic

Kush has been coming to our Mobile Vaccine Clinic since she was just a puppy. She’s now three-years-old and recently had a litter of puppies. Her guardian, Norlan Hernandez, resides in Visitation Valley and brought the whole family to our mobile clinic so the pups could get their initial vaccines.

Norlan found families for all of the puppies, but before sending them off to their new homes she wanted to make sure they were fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. All of the puppies, and new mom Kush, arrived at our Spay/Neuter Clinic on July 10. They all qualified for free spay/neuter services and we’re happy to share that they handled the surgeries like champs!

Norlan was very appreciative of the medical services because she would not have been able to afford to spay/neuter the puppies or Kush without the SF SPCA’s assistance.

The pups are now happily settling into their forever homes, and we’re looking forward to seeing Kush again at a future mobile clinic!

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Left: The puppies at our Spay/Neuter Clinic. Right: The puppies at our Mobile Vaccine Clinic.

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