Mishi the Miracle Cat

Mishi was brought to us by a Good Samaritan. She had barely survived a fall from a high-rise building, which resulted in three broken legs and a severe injury to her mouth. Our Shelter Medicine Team quickly got to work to save her life.

One of Mishi’s legs had to be amputated, but fortunately the other two could be saved. She was moved to a Foster home and placed on prolonged cage rest so her legs could heal.

Mishi’s mouth injury required our veterinarians to execute a very challenging and delicate surgery. The surgery was successful, but she needed a Foster family that was willing to tube feed her for two weeks. A very dedicated family stepped forward to help; they didn’t have tube feeding experience, but they were willing to learn!

Mishi had a long and arduous road to recovery, but she’s now doing great. After nearly two months of care Mishi moved to the adoption floor and found her forever family in just a matter of days.

“She is the cutest, most loving cat,” said Mishi’s new dad, Jeffrey. “We are so happy we adopted her!”

It truly took a village to help Mishi and get her the care that she needed to not only survive, but thrive. Please help us continue to provide this care for other animals in need. All donations are being matched through June 30, click to donate today!

Mishi living the good life:



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