Animal Shelter Stories: Tuna the Miracle Pup

Tuna is a small terrier mix who arrived at our animal shelter with a big problem. She was active and looked perfectly fine, but she had blood in her urine. X-rays revealed that there was an enormous 3.5″ stone in her bladder that needed to be taken care of immediately.

Our Shelter Medicine Team quickly performed surgery to remove the giant stone from Tuna’s body. Unfortunately, there was a complication and she had another surgery a few days later. Thankfully, our team was able to give Tuna the medical care she needed to live a healthy life going forward.

While recovering from surgery, Tuna got tons of love from staff and volunteers. During our time with her, we found out that she was enthralled with tennis balls and stuffies! You couldn’t catch her without a tennis ball in her mouth!

She was affectionate, playful, and just a little goof. Soon she was feeling happy, healthy, and ready for the adoption floor. It didn’t take long for Tuna’s new family to discover her and fall in love.

Tuna is now living a wonderful life in her forever home!

The SF SPCA Shelter Medicine Team works hard to provide critical medical care to animals in our shelter, so that they are healthy and ready to be adopted as quickly as possible. Our goal is to provide care that minimizes the overall length of stay of our entire animal population. For us, success is found in preventing illness, quickly containing an outbreak of infectious disease, and having an adopter confidently take over the care of an animal with a manageable condition.

Thanks to your support, Tuna and others like her at our animal shelter are able to receive the medical care they need to live a happy life. Please donate today so we can give more animals like Tuna the second chance they deserve.

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