Our New Branding!

Have you noticed that we look a little different? Brands evolve, and ours has too. We have refreshed our branding to inspire our future. Our new branding is testimony to our staff and volunteers and their unwavering commitment to the human-animal bond and to facing the hard issues. We remain eternal optimists and forge onward bringing joy to the lives of animals and people. 

We remain as committed to our mission as ever. Our Vision 2030 is off to a great start, shifting the odds for over 1 million animals whose lives were positively impacted last year. 

  • Advocacy for animals, like our recent lawsuit against the California Veterinary Medical Board to allow you to get critically needed telemedicine for your pets.
  • Providing Shelter Leadership across the state by taking in animals, especially medical and behavior animals that likely would not be saved and sharing protocols for improving shelter operations.
  • Providing Access to Care in our community through our veterinary care, community clinic, and our financial aid programs.


Our new brand mark is bolder and more modern but reflects our legacy. The same beautiful heart wraps around a beloved dog and cat. A warmer red and charcoal grey combine for a more joyful and modern color palette. Our new branding will show up during the coming months. We hope you enjoy watching it come to life!

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