Tommy the Wonder Cat

When he was first discovered, 5-year-old Tommy had an arrow lodged through his neck. He was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic in Madera, near where he was found. The emergency staff treated him, but he wasn’t out of the woods. Tommy needed more acute veterinary care, and once he was stabilized he was transferred to the SF SPCA.

Tommy was in rough shape when he arrived, and our Shelter Medicine staff got to work right away. They put together a plan that included healing his infected wounds and supporting his fragile neck. Once awake, Tommy was started on antibiotics and pain killers. He responded amazingly well to the care and love he received from staff and volunteers! Throughout all of his treatments Tommy was a total lovebug and would curl up in a lap whenever he could.

Tommy’s resilience surprised everyone; remarkably, just six days after he arrived, he was cleared for the adoption floor! It didn’t take long for Katherine, Tommy’s new guardian, to spot him and fall in love. He’s now living the good life in a housing co-op with 10 people who adore him.

“Tommy’s new name is Tarot, a combination of Tommy and Arrow,” said Katherine. “Tarot is very very adored, well loved, and taken care of. Someone will always be petting, brushing, or playing with Tarot in the living room. We have worked really hard to make Tarot feel comfortable and safe, and they have blossomed and become a confident Tomcat!”

In spite of the trauma he once suffered, Tarot is now an outgoing, playful, and well-loved kitty.

This past year we’ve taken in almost 1,700 homeless animals who, like Tarot, need more than just routine medical care.
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