Celebrating Our History

153 years ago, San Francisco banker James Sloan Hutchinson caught sight of two men dragging a terrified pig along the rough cobblestone streets at the corner of Washington and Sansome. Appalled, Hutchinson stepped in to stop the cruelty and rescue the hog. The incident crystallized Hutchinson’s concern over widespread animal abuse, and he soon rallied 15 like-minded citizens to found the San Francisco SPCA on April 18, 1868.

Over the years, the SF SPCA aided countless animals experiencing homelessness, natural disasters, or being treated cruelly. During the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes, as well as more recently during Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the North Bay fires, the SF SPCA helped distribute food and water to affected animals and tended to the needs of injured and displaced pets. In 1998, Maddie’s Adoption Center was the first cageless shelter in the country.

Today, we find loving homes for 4,500 animals each year and support hundreds of thousands of people in our community. And we’re still looking for new ways to have an impact. In fact, we pledge to positively impact 5+ million lives by the year 2030 through veterinary care services, shelter leadership, and our advocacy efforts. Learn more about our Vision 2030 plan.

Thank you for being part of our community, our work would not be possible without you! Cheers to 153 incredible years — donate today and help us continue our lifesaving work for another 153!

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