Update on Miracle Puppies Found in Dumpster

In 2016, six puppies were found abandoned in a dumpster in Merced. A local salon worker was taking out the trash when she noticed one of the bags was moving. When the woman untied the bag, she found the the puppies struggling to survive. Our Intake Team quickly brought the pups to our facility to give them a chance at life.

The brave four-month-old siblings received a complete medical evaluation and were fortunately found to be healthy. With food in their bellies, warm shelter, and surrounded by love, it wasn’t long until all of the pups were matched with their forever homes.

Many people fell in love with these puppies and their journey quickly became one of our most popular stories. Recently, we received photo updates from four of the miracle pups! Molly (formally Taddy), Tabitha (formally Tabo), Tadich (formally Tadder), and Tadek have grown up feeling nothing but love and safety with their forever families.

The happy ending of their journey is exactly why we are here for animals who need us. Our scope has changed a bit over 153 years, but our mission to save and protect animals has stayed true.

Please donate today so that we can be here for another 153 years for the animals who need us.

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