Behavior Patient Spotlight: Beau

When Beau arrived at our Behavior Specialty Clinic, he was very energetic and uncomfortable around certain people and other dogs. His guardians, Jenni and Gerry, wanted to take Beau everywhere with them, but they needed his behavior to be more reliable.

“During the consultation, Beau was shy and anxious,” explained Dr. Wailani Sung, SF SPCA veterinary behaviorist. “He was even fearful of the stethoscope, but I was able to slowly draw him out of his shell through the use of treats and consistent interactions. I taught him some foundation behaviors and Beau was very eager to earn food rewards. He was a quick learner.”

Dr. Sung helped Jenni and Gerry understand that Beau was anxious around certain people and that they needed to avoid his triggers and work on building up his confidence. Beau was also placed on anxiolytic medication so he would be less overwhelmed by stimuli when he was outside of his home.

“Dr. Sung spent significant time helping us understand the world from Beau’s point of view,” said Jenni and Gerry. “We also worked with two or three different trainers at the SF SPCA and each one helped us see a different and better version of Beau.”

Beau responded well to the medication, management, and training. Now, almost two years later, Beau has a different attitude on life! He’s very comfortable accompanying his guardians on errands in the neighborhood and eagerly greets Dr. Sung during visits. He enjoys working for his rewards!

“Without a doubt, our bond with Beau has strengthened as his behavior has improved,” said Jenni and Gerry. “We would recommend the SF SPCA’s behavioral services because they address the animal holistically. Training, behavior modification, medication—it all works together. Beau is a success story!”

Do you need help with your pet’s behavior? We’re here to provide expert care and guidance for any behavior issue. Learn more about our Behavior Specialty Clinic and inquire about a consultation.

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