4 Ways to Make a Dog’s Day

In honor of national Make a Dog’s Day, this year you can give your pup a personal paw-ty that will keep them active, reduce their stress, appease their appetite, and set them up for a good night’s sleep. What better way to show you care? By prepping stuffed super-treats, enjoying the outdoors, and offering the sweetest touch in the coziest of corners, you will definitely make your dog’s day.

King KONG®
There’s never been a better dog-party favor than this one: The Three-Layer, 11-Ingredient Ultimate Stuffed KONG®. Using a KONG® that’s appropriate for your dog’s size, pack in one layer of dried rice cake crumbles and liver bits. Top this with kibble, Cheerios, salt-free and sugar-free peanut butter, and dried banana chip crumbles. Then, complete the treat with baby carrot slivers, turkey bits, a piece of leftover ravioli or tortellini, a slice of dried apple, and a piece of dried apricot. Prep this snack ahead of time so you can reward your pet at the end of the celebration.

Make it extra special: Use unsalted cashew pieces instead of rice cake crumbles for a more decadent snack.

Step by Step
Instead of romping in the yard or venturing to the dog park, take a special trip to a hiking trail. Since you will be constantly moving along the path, your dog will stay engaged and remain in motion too, keeping their interactions with other dogs to a minimum. This is helpful if your pup is fearful of other dogs or is a herding breed with a tendency to want to keep other pooches in line. The unfamiliar tread will mean your dog can explore new smells and environments with you by their side. The hike will also serve as an entertaining way to keep your dog healthy and active. Always be sure to bring a collapsible water bowl and water along on your adventures.

Make it extra special: Snap a photo of you and your pooch while you’re out and about and share it on social media (use the hashtag #makeadogsdaysfspca) to inspire your friends and family to do the same. Every dog deserves his day!

A Touch of Love 
Soothe away stress with a gentle massage. With slow, long strokes, pet your dog lovingly to calm anxiety and increase serotonin and dopamine levels. Like people, dogs can benefit from the healing powers of massage, not only from the sensation of a therapeutic touch, but from the connection it adds to the human-animal bond. Lightly petting your pooch, especially on the ears or base of the skull, can be a simple pleasure for you both.

Make it extra specialIf your dog enjoys the feeling of being brushed, use a wide-toothed comb or soft but firm brush to give them a gentle grooming treatment.

Sleeping Beauty
Once the party has wound down, escort your furry friend to their safe going-to-bed space. Take a moment to offer gratitude for the joy they bring to your life. You can enhance the atmosphere with a stress-reducing pheromone spray like Adaptil or some calming canine music. If your pet is relaxed, her body language will let you know; her eyes will be soft with pupils moderately dilated, ears will be forward, mouth will be either closed or open with relaxed lips, and tail will be wagging or straight. You’ll know your dog appreciated all the effort you put in to make this a very special day.

Make it extra special: Fill a pillow case with items of your clothing you are planning to give away. Dogs are drawn to your scent and will love to curl up on something cozy that smells just like you.

Make a Dog’s Day
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