Sad Shelter Kitty Zowie Blossoms in Her New Home

Zowie was extremely fearful when she arrived at our shelter. She was shut down and wary of staff and volunteers. Because she did not like to be approached or have people come near her, she remained in our shelter for several months.

Zowie needed to go at her own pace to learn to trust people again. Every day, staff and volunteers would spend time simply sitting and talking to her as she listened from inside her cat tower. As she grew more comfortable, she allowed people to pet her with a pom-pom on a stick (hands were still too scary), but the real ticket to Zowie’s heart was her wand toy. Spending time with caring folks allowed her to make slow and steady progress. After 104 days in the shelter, Zowie was finally adopted by her perfect match.

“Zowie was very aggressive and fearful when I first met her. She snapped at any movement; a glance her way could set her off.

It has been 13 months since I adopted Zowie, and I now can pet her, pick her up, and carry her to see the sights. I am harness training her for outdoor walks. She still snaps at times—I’m ok with that, and Zowie knows it’s ok with me—she shows she is appreciative. I think she wanted to be understood and valued by her forever family. I think I’m the perfect match for complicated Zowie. We are two peas in a pod.”

After adopting Zowie, her mom trained to become a volunteer cat socializer at the shelter. She explained, “My goal volunteering is to comfort the most emotionally needy cats, the older and sadder ones. It is fulfilling for me, and adds a calm and additional purpose to my life.”

It truly takes a village to rehabilitate our harder cases. Sometimes animals might stay in our shelter for several months, but we don’t give up on them no matter how long it takes.

Throughout the pandemic, most of our 1,200 volunteers have not been able to visit the shelter to help animals like Zowie. We’ve calculated that our volunteer force is equivalent to 72 full-time employees! COVID-19 has put a huge strain on our staff.

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