Dog Hazards

Follow the recommended guidelines for keeping your dog confined to ensure good house-training and alone time training. This will give you time to dog-proof your home. Pay attention to the […]

Dog Training Class Recommendation List

List of recommended dog training classes in the Bay Area, updated periodically. Last update: February 17, 2020. Bay Area Prime Paw Classes Offered: Puppy socials, Adolescent socials, Puppy first steps […]

Will Baby Make Four

Do you have a bundle of joy on the way? Congratulations! Introducing a newborn baby into your home is a big change for the entire family, including the family dog. […]

Recommended Dog Reading

Recommended Books Decoding Your Dog, by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. A clear, accessible, rigorously researched book that covers a different dog care topic or dog behavior challenge in […]

Dog-Dog Introductions

Adding a new dog to a home with a resident dog can be great fun and offers both your family and your dog extra companionship. However, dogs need time to […]

Down Command

Benefit The down command is a great way to teach your dog impulse control and to make your life easier. A dog lying down can’t jump, surf counters, knock over […]

Dog-Dog Aggression On Leash (Reactivity)

Why Dogs Bark and Lunge on Leash Does your dog whine, bark, growl, or lunge when they see another dog while they’re on their leash? This unpleasant but common behavioral […]

Drop It Command

Benefit Teaching your dog to drop something on command means you will be able to get dangerous or unauthorized items away from them without problems or aggression. This comes in […]

Dog-Dog Aggression Off Leash

Why Dogs Are Aggressive toward Other Dogs Some aggression may be a normal, adaptive behavior in virtually all animal species and domestic dogs are no exception. Luckily, there are a […]

Crate Training Adult Dog

Benefit A crate is a terrific investment for a number of reasons. A crate can help you with: House-training: Prompts your dog to hold it when unsupervised. Chew training: Stops […]

Chewing in Dogs

Why Dogs Chew Some reasons dogs chew: because it feels good, anxiety, attention-seeking, barrier frustration/escape behavior, pent-up energy, and hunger. Note: Always rule out hunger first. Ask your vet about […]

Crate Training Puppy

A crate is a terrific investment for a number of reasons. A crate can help you with: House-training: Teaches your puppy to keep the home clean. Chew training: Stops your […]