Collars and Leashes

Learn about various types of collars and leashes to find the best fit for your dog. Types of Collars Flat or Rolled Collar Pros: • Used to attach identifications, license, […]

Counter Surfing

Why Dogs “Surf” Counters Dogs counter surf because there might be food, of course. Crumbs, crusts, fruit bowls, meat defrosting or marinating, a breadbox—you never know what you might find. […]

Puppy Chew Training

Chewing is a normal and important activity for puppies and adult dogs. Lifetime habits form early and puppies need guidance in learning what is theirs to chew and what is […]

Poop Eating

Why Dogs Eat Poop Nobody knows for sure why dogs eat poop, but we do know it’s a common and natural behavior in dogs (and many other species). Scientists think […]

Puppy Wellness Guide

Learn about the recommended care for puppies. Questions? Call us at (415) 554-3030 Puppy Wellness Examinations • Should begin at 2 months of age • Frequency: Every 3–4 weeks • […]

Puppy Socialization

What It Is Socialization is the process by which your puppy learns to be comfortable with all the things in their environment. If this sounds like a big project, it […]

Touch Command

Benefit Teaching your dog the touch/target command means you can distract them from things you don’t want them to focus on and get their attention in situations that could be […]

Puppy Play Biting and Mouthing

What’s With All the Biting? The sheer amount of biting and mouthing your puppy subjects you and your clothing to can be shocking, even a little alarming. The good news, […]

No Backyard Dogs

Say no to backyard dogs. Dogs belong in the family home!  What a Backyard Is Not For The backyard is NOT a living place for family dogs. People sometimes mistakenly […]

Name Recognition and Attention

Benefit Just like you would turn to look when someone says your name, dogs can learn to do the same. If your dog learns to pay attention to you when […]