SF SPCA Alumni Profile: Nyad

Sweet Nyad was trapped in an irrigation cistern when it flooded. Workers at the site found her just in time and drained it enough to keep her head above water. By the time a humane officer arrived, she was so tired. She had used all her strength to stay afloat, so “Team Nyad” had to haul her out. Safe and dry, she was finally brought to our shelter to recuperate.

Understandably, Nyad was anxious, fearful, and nervous when she got to the SF SPCA. While she was a friendly gal who wasn’t afraid of people, she was unsure about the world around her. She got her first chance to be in a home soon after she arrived at the shelter, but it was not a great fit. Nyad was even more anxious and paced around the new house. A couple days later, she came back to the shelter to try again.

Although it didn’t work out the first time, it did lead to an interesting discovery! While out on walks, Nyad was more at ease and relaxed when seeing other dogs. That’s when we knew she needed a home with another dog. One week later, Nyad found her forever home and gained a doggy sibling, Kesai. Now, with help from Kesai and her doting new family, Nyad is building her confidence and learning that the world isn’t always scary.

Finding Nyad the perfect home was no easy feat. We are committed to finding the perfect match for our animals, so they can truly thrive in their new homes. For some animals, this can take a long time — but we don’t give up.

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