Happy Tails: Effy

Effy was barely two months old when he arrived arrived at the SF SPCA, and to say he wasn’t feeling well would be an understatement. Effy was dehydrated, underweight, suffering from mild hypothermia, and had an upper respiratory infection that gave him congestion, conjunctivitis, ocular discharge, and ulceration. Our Shelter Medicine team welcomed the baby kitten and quickly devised a plan to help him.

Effy spent two weeks being closely observed by medical staff while receiving a laundry list of treatments. Despite being so sick and uncomfortable, Effy was the most loving and gentle kitten! He often greeted staff with a soft purr and had the sweetest disposition. Once he was feeling a bit better, one of our veterinarians, Dr. Bridgid Twomey, stepped up to foster Effy.

“I took Effy home to give him time to heal out of the shelter while still allowing me to monitor him closely,” said Dr. Twomey. “He actually spent a lot of time with my roommate; she is a remote worker so Effy got to join her Zoom calls and meetings. He really enjoyed having lots of individual attention and started to play like a healthy kitten just days after I brought him home.”

After two weeks of TLC in his foster home, Effy was finally ready for adoption! This sweet boy didn’t spend much time on the adoption floor. It only took a few days for his forever family to spot him and fall in love.

Effy is now happy, healthy, and thriving!

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