Mobile Vaccine Clinics: Expanding Our Reach in Underserved Communities

Each month the SF SPCA hosts a mobile vaccine clinic to provide medical care in areas where no other veterinary services are available. In addition to crucial vaccines, these clinics offer flea medication, deworming, and access to skilled veterinarians who can provide field assessments and recommend further treatment. Clients are also given access to spay/neuter services.

In an effort to expand our boundaries and make an impact on new areas, we recently changed the location of our clinics to Visitacion Valley.

At our last clinic we helped 200 animals from 116 different families and scheduled 43 spay/neuter surgeries! It was one of our biggest clinics to date, and many of the families were first-time visitors.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our volunteers and donors who make these clinics possible!

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