Holiday Wishes Came True!

We teamed up with Compass Family Services to help three very deserving families adopt new kittens for the holidays!

Roselyn and Alferedo

Earlier this year, the pandemic forced 14-year-old Roselyn and her younger siblings out of school and into remote learning. Roselyn, who helps care for her siblings, began to feel very isolated and lonely. She dreamed of having a new kitten who could offer companionship and comfort.

On Christmas Eve, her dream came true!

Roselyn and her dad, Alferedo, adopted a little kitten and named her Caramel. They say Caramel is settling in great and is already part of the family!

Roselyn and Alferedo adopt Caramel
Desiree, Kiera & Brianna adopt Velvet & Viola

Desiree, Kiera, and Brianna

Desiree is a single mom with two daughters, 13-year-old Kiera and 10-year-old Brianna. Desiree overcame tremendous hardship and recently received her MSW degree from SF State. 

Kiera and Brianna never had the opportunity to have a pet and their biggest holiday wish was to get a kitten. The girls spotted kitten sisters Viola and Velvet on our holiday livestreams and fell in love! It was a perfect match. 

Desiree says, “The kitten sisters have fit right into our family. They are so loving. We adore them!”

Julia and Arielle

Julia’s 8-year-old daughter, Arielle, had always dreamed of having a kitten of her own. Julia added it to her Compass holiday wish list and hoped that she could make Arielle’s wish come true. 

On December 23, she surprised Arielle with a visit to our shelter to pick up 2-month-old kitten brothers Zee and Zucker! 

Julia says the kitten duo have settled in well and love to play and snuggle.

Julia and Arielle adopt Zee and Zucker


Thank you to our wonderful supporters who helped these holiday dreams come true—we couldn’t do this without you, and we couldn’t be happier for these special families!

Please make a gift so that we can continue to support those in our community who need it most.

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