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Dog Meat Farms—An Industry that Must End

The San Francisco SPCA is a proud Emergency Placement Partner for Humane Society International, and last week opened our doors to fifty-seven dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea Watching the video and seeing the faces of these beautiful and brave dogs enter the shelter was a bittersweet and emotional experience. These dogs are safe; they’ll receive love and the happy lives that all animals deserve.

Support the Research Animal Adoption Bill

© Beagle Freedom Project: beagle freed in bay area

Beagles are commonly used in research, in part, because they are easy to care for and have gentle dispositions.  These same characteristics make them great family pets. 

But beagles and other animals used in research often spend their lives in cages, some only to end up euthanized when they are no longer needed. Currently, no federal or California laws cover their post-research treatment.  

You're Invited: Special Guest Speaker Adam Parascandola

© HSUS: Adam Parascandola and Billy, dog rescued from puppy mill

Bay Area advocates, please join the San Francisco SPCA, Humane Society International and your fellow animal lovers in San Francisco on Thursday, March 19th for an exciting discussion with guest Speaker Adam Parascandola, the Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response for Humane Society International! 

Time to celebrate, animal advocates!

Ringling Circus Elephants

It's the end of an era for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’s controversial elephant shows.  Feld Entertainment, the Ringling Bros. parent company, announced Thursday that it will be phasing out its elephant performances by 2018. The 13 Asian elephants currently travelling with the circus will be moved to Florida to join Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation.