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Veterinary Care Services

From preventive care options to behavior specialty to full-service and emergency care, the SF SPCA’s two hospitals and field services are committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Vision 2030

Impacting 5 million lives in ten years – find out what the world will look like for companion animals by 2030

Making more preventative services available to more people and in more ways

Pursuing legislative changes for the benefit of animals and their communities

Collaborating with colleagues, experts, and volunteers at other shelters so that all communities can improve the outcomes for their animals


Our Impacts in San Francisco

By 2030, all San Francisco pets will have access to humane veterinary care.  Learn more about Vision 2030.

Each year the San Francisco SPCA’s programs and services reach 250,000 people, which is nearly one-third of the population of the City. From veterinary services to adoptions and events, the SF SPCA touches almost every part of the San Francisco community.

“I started all the suggested “introduction” steps, but Cosmo quickly took matters into his own paws; he pushed open the door separating them and began their sweet bromance. Finn is 2 years old, his silky fur has grown in and he and Cosmo spend all day play-attacking and snoozing. Sometimes “online dating” is the perfect way to meet your match.”
“Seeing her jump incredibly high makes us so proud. She’ll be taking her first plane ride with us to Oregon to celebrate her 3rd birthday! We can’t say enough of our Lucy. She brings so much joy and happiness to everyone around her.”

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