Introducing Her Royal Meowjesty, Queen Simone-the one-eyed wonder and reigning feline sovereign of the SF SPCA! This regal title is reserved exclusively for the most distinguished mother cats, and Queen Simone is no exception. In fact, she’s the ultimate people’s queen, ruling over her kingdom with a benevolent paw and a heart overflowing with love. While she may be keeping an eye out for her loyal subjects (just one, mind you!), she doesn’t let her monocular status hold her back. Instead, she embraces it as a royal quirk that only adds to her majestic charm. Whether holding court from her throne (a cozy blanket will do) or granting knighthood to her favorite humans with a gentle headbutt, Queen Simone is always ready to share her love, wisdom, and purrs with her adoring kingdom. All hail the Queen!

Hello, dear humans! My name is Marzipan, and I’m a sweet, affectionate and playful 1 1/2-year-old feline with a personality as delightful as my name. I’m a special kitty with a unique charm-I’m polydactyl and have an adorable one-eyed gaze. With my soft and fluffy fur, I’m the perfect cuddle buddy for cozy nights on the couch. I’ve been told I have a motor that just won’t quit! I love to purr and show my affection with headbutts and nuzzles. My sweet and loving nature is sure to melt your heart. I have a refined palate and enjoy sampling a variety of treats and cuisines. Tuna, chicken, or salmon? I’m always excited to see what’s on the menu! I’m looking for a forever home filled with love, playtime, and plenty of snuggles.

As a top-secret operative for the Feline Intelligence Agency (FIA), Agent Pilar specializes in stealthy snuggles and undercover purring. This shy black and white cat may appear mysterious at first glance, but don’t let her low profile fool you. She’s a master of espionage, capable of sneaking past laser pointers and infiltrating cardboard box forts with ease. Agent Pilar has just arrived at our secret base (disguised as an ordinary adoption center), and she’s on the lookout for a trusted partner-in-crime. That’s where you come in! Should you be granted security clearance to adopt this covert cuddler, you’ll be rewarded with top-secret headbutts, classified lap naps, and confidential kisses.

Pia, a glamorous black cat with the voice of an angel (and the sass of a superstar), is taking center stage at our adoption center and is adjusting to her new surroundings. Although currently a bit shy and finding solace behind the curtains, Pia is a star waiting for her moment to shine. Known for her purrfect pitch and stunning vocal range, Pia can hit high notes that’ll make your whiskers quiver and your tail sway to the rhythm. This fabulous feline songstress is an expert in all genres-whether it’s opera (Meow-zart), rock (Cat Jovi), or pop (Caty Purry), Pia’s got it covered! And let’s not forget her iconic rendition of “Purrple Rain” that left the audience spellbound. As she gains confidence and steps into the limelight, she’s not just here for the standing ovations-she’s looking for a forever home where she can serenade her favorite human with love songs and snuggly duets. In the company of a patient and loving companion, Pia’s true star power is sure to dazzle and delight.

Introducing Buddy and Dot, the heartwarming brother and sister duo who will melt your heart with their endearing bond. Amid the hustle and bustle of the shelter, these precious angels find themselves in a world of noise and chaos, leaving them shy and anxious. Yet, their previous family lovingly recounted their sociable and affectionate nature, revealing the hidden treasures of their true personalities. Buddy is a handsome boy with a sweet and gentle nature, while Dot is a charming girl with a playful and curious spirit. They share an inseparable bond and love to cuddle and play together. If you have a gentle and patient heart and appreciate the delicate beauty of gentle souls like Buddy and Dot, they would be delighted to meet you and become a cherished part of your home. With their charming personalities and close bond, they promise to bring joy, love, and warmth to your life.

Introducing Buddy and Dot, the tender-hearted brother and sister duo who long to share their love with a kindred spirit. In the bustling shelter, these precious angels find themselves overwhelmed by the noise and commotion, leaving them shy and anxious. Yet, their previous family lovingly recounted their affectionate and sociable nature, revealing their true, endearing personalities. If your heart is filled with gentleness, patience, and an understanding of the subtle grace of tender souls like Buddy and Dot, these sweet feline friends would be overjoyed to meet you and become cherished members of your home.

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