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Our pharmacies at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospitals, Mission and Pacific Heights are open seven days a week to fill prescriptions and provide over-the-counter products, such as topical flea preventive, skin and ear care products and veterinarian-recommended products for urinary clean-up and environmental flea control. We also carry a wide variety of prescription foods, which may be recommended by your veterinarian to help treat a range of issues.

Mission Campus Refills

To refill prescription medications at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital Mission Campus call 415.522.3554.

To refill prescription food at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital, Mission Campus, call 415.522.3555.

Pacific Heights Campus Refills

To refill prescription medications at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital  Pacific Heights Campus  call 415.568.3016.

To refill prescription food at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital, Pacific Heights Campus, call 415.568.3003.

Please allow 72 hours for prescription refills. By law, only a veterinarian who has examined an animal in the last 12 months can authorize a refill. 

Online Pharmacy Refills

Please visit our online pharmacy refill website.

Have questions about your online order? Please call 888-606-3336, this will connect you with a representative that can check on your order status, process returns and answer general questions about your online order.

Please note: we are only able to approve medications through our onsite pharmacy or through our online pharmacy. If you would prefer to continue using an outside pharmacy, we can provide you with a physical written Rx that you can submit to the 3rd party pharmacy for approval. We can mail it to you which may take 1-2 weeks with current postal delays.  For all future orders please know that you will have to pick it up written script in person from our pharmacy. 

Why use the SF SPCA online pharmacy?
  • We are partnered and integrated with Vets First Choice (Covetrus) so we work directly together and electronically receive requests and keep your pets medical record all in one place.
  • With third party pharmacies, we do not have a working relationship and this presents customer service challenges. If you experience issues with these companies we have no direct access to address the order complications. 
  • We have utilized Covetrus as our main medical distributor so they are vetted for quality assurance. We cannot speak to the quality of products being delivered by outside companies.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards and we want to provide outstanding service to our clients, as well as, ensure that your pet is receiving the best quality products possible.
  • Vets First Choice is competitive with prices. The price differences between VFC and other pharmacies is best compared to a national company vs buying local.
  • We are a leading non-profit in the San Francisco area so this purchase will contribute to our community programs.
  • Vets First Choice has sales and promotions often on popular items so you will find it to be comparable to any online pharmacy.
Pharmacy Hours

8am – 12pm/2pm – 5pm, daily

Pacific Heights:
8am – 8pm, Monday-Friday


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