I’m a sweet pup who is figuring out what my comfort level is. I will need time and patience from my new family as I get used to being in a home.?While I enjoy?gentle?affection from people I trust, I appreciate a slow introduction to new folks.?Playtime, training, puppy socials, and tender love from you will help me figure out the big, wide world. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Mardi is a party! She is a super social doggie who adores being with others and has down well with other doggies. She is always there to bring smiles to the staff’s faces. She will do best in a home as a solo dog and with older kids to respect her space and things. Come meet this great gal!

Curly is a perfect city dog, confident, active, and social with dogs and people. Apartment sized he is less than 20 pounds!

This little dude is Buster. He is a recent amputee who is showing us how strong he is. He is a cool and cuddly canine, already adjusting well to his new balance. He really brightens our volunteers’ days and is a joy to be with.

Greetings, fellow earthlings! I’ve just landed in this fine establishment, and they’ve bestowed upon me the moniker “Tomtom.” How it came to be, I haven’t the foggiest, but I’m open to suggestions. “Sir Purr-a-lot” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Now, onto business. I’m a 5-year-old sleek and stylish black cat on a mission to find my first abode. That’s right, I’m a first-time home-purr-chaser, and I’m ready to settle down with a family who appreciates my charm and wit. If you’re in the market for a feline companion with dashing good looks and a VERY sweet affectionate nature, look no further! I’m ready to make your acquaintance and explore the possibilities of a lifetime of purrs and cuddles. Let’s make it happen, folks!

Follow your nose on down to the SF SPCA and get a taste of this lovely Chai. This little miss is eager to find her forever home where she will gladly give lots of snuggles and kisses to the very right person or persons. Chai enjoys going on walks and being out and about. Chai is not a fan of feline family members, so she can’t live with cats. She is ready for her furr-ever home, so why not come meet Chai and see if she is your cup of tea.

Hello, esteemed humans! My name is Pip, and I’m here to present my official feline résumé. Now, before we dive in, I must disclose that I’m currently a little shy and still acclimating to my temporary abode at the SF SPCA. So, while I might seem a tad reserved at first, rest assured that I have a heart of gold just waiting to be discovered.

Objective: Eagerly seeking a permanent position as a devoted companion, certified lap warmer, and purr provider extraordinaire in a loving forever home.


Napping Connoisseur (Birth – Present):
*Obtained a PhD in Napping Arts, specializing in locating the snuggest spots for slumber, including sun-drenched windowsills, freshly laundered linens, and cozy laps.

*Exhibited unparalleled adaptability in conforming to a diverse array of sleep schedules and environments (cat naps are my forte!).

Chief Entertainment Officer (Kittenhood – Present):
*Demonstrated expertise in orchestrating dynamic play sessions with humans and fellow felines, utilizing an array of toys, string, and cardboard boxes.
*Showcased extraordinary athleticism through aerial acrobatics and high-speed zoomies, guaranteed to evoke amusement and awe from household members.

*SF SPCA Staff and Volunteers (can attest to my delightful charm, playful nature, and budding potential).

If my qualifications have piqued your interest, I cordially invite you to drop by for an interview (and perhaps a cuddle session) to explore whether I’m the purrfect fit for your home. I’m excited for the opportunity to reveal the true extent of my loving personality once I’m fully at ease.

Yours sincerely, Pip

Sweet Shelby is gaining so much confidence now! At first she was shy with all the new sounds and things, but she is making great progress. She will zoomy around the play yard and show her goofy side. At times strange and loud noises make her a little nervous, but she responds very well when we are gently cheering her on and hanging out in peaceful areas. She will do best in quieter areas where she can relax and be herself. Come meet her!

Dixie is sure to charm you with her southern hospitality. Need a companion for a nice walk, she’s your girl. Later want to hit the couch for binge tv and snacks, well you are looking at your potential new bestie. She will do best as the only animal in home, as she is a little nervous with other new animals. Dixie is an all around dog that can do it all with flourish and enthusiasm!

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