Bee Sage here is a sensitive and precious recent mama doggie. She has just finished raising little ones and is ready for a new chapter. She is a bit shy, especially with new things but she opens up when she gets comfortable with those she knows. Bee Sage really opened up during small dog playgroups and is showing her really goofy and playful side, and its so cute to see!

Bee Sage is currently in a foster home and will return 3/25.

Rex is a good and regal boy. He is such a charmer and a true delight to everyone he meets. He is looking for a home with lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep his smart mind and strong body engaged. Rex has done amazing in his foster home, and his foster parents had nothing but praise for him. At first he was nervous with new things but made great strides of confidence with the help of treats and gentle encouragements. He did very well with another respectful shepherd in the home. They made amazing pals and would often share treats with each other! How Cute! This handsome pup is ready to find his forever home and make some amazing memories with his new family!

**Special offer for a special dog! Rex has been at the shelter for several months and it’s time to find their forever home. Do you think Rex might be your one and only, but need to make sure it’s a good fit first? You can foster Rex to find out! If you’d like to do a week-long foster trial period with Rex, with the end goal of adopting them, please come check them out!

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