May 1, 2016 – Fighting to Protect California Tenants and Pets – 

The San Francisco SPCA is proud to have helped defeat AB 2760, a bad attempt by the housing industry to allow property owners the ability to deny housing to people with support animals in California. This victory is especially important to San Franciscans who need more accessible housing options for people with animals, not fewer.

The SF SPCA fought alongside human housing and poverty advocates against this bill because it attempted to undercut important legal protections afforded by federal law to disabled Californians. Actually, much of the bill violated federal law, which outlines clear and thoughtful guidelines for landlords and tenants regarding reasonable accommodations. In contrast, AB 2760 was an interpretive nightmare that would have afforded landlords a powerful tool to evict disabled tenants as they see fit. The author’s decision to pull the bill is the right one.