Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

Indoor cats and outdoor cats encounter different challenges and risks. An indoor cat might suffer from boredom and medical issues such as obesity leading to stress, behavior problems, and early […]

Moving with Your Cat

The Importance of Confinement When introducing any cat into a new home, there is one thing all cats need—time to adjust to his new space. You can make the adjustment […]

Mental Enrichment (Cats)

Goal To provide an outlet for excessive energy Benefit Satisfies cat’s predatory drive, increases physical fitness, and encourages cats to play appropriately. What You Need An imagination for creation, several […]

Nocturnal Behavior (Cats)

Has your kitten been waking you up at 5 AM for food and a good play session or even keeping you up all night playing vigorously with toys they ignore […]

Play Aggression (Cats)

Contrary to popular belief, play aggression can occur in a cat of any age. The term “play aggression” can be deceiving, as this type of aggression can sometimes be extremely […]

Playing with Your Cat

The most common reported form of aggression towards guardians in young indoor cats involves play aggression with unsolicited attacks, anywhere from light scratches to hard uninhibited skin-breaking bites. This behavior […]

Scratching Posts

Why Get a Scratching Post? Cats scratch on things for two reasons: to shed their claws and to mark their territory. To save your furniture from damage, you need to […]

Traveling (Cats)

Going on vacation? Cats are creatures of routine, so as much as you can keep your cat’s lifestyle stable. Ideally, keep your cat at home as cats feel safest and […]