Excessive Meowing

Is your cat is driving you mad meowing nonstop at 3 a.m.? Read on! Compared to dogs, cats are not as obviously vocal. However, certain cats are more vocal than […]

Hiding Behavior (Cats)

Cats normally take a while to adjust to a new environment. If you have recently acquired your cat, you should be aware that acclimation can take anywhere from a few […]

Nocturnal Behavior (Cats)

Has your kitten been waking you up at 5 AM for food and a good play session or even keeping you up all night playing vigorously with toys they ignore […]

Overstimulation (Cats)

Overstimulation refers to a cat’s normal response to being petted or handled in areas or ways the cat finds uncomfortable or have gone on for too long. A majority of […]

Play Aggression (Cats)

Contrary to popular belief, play aggression can occur in a cat of any age. The term “play aggression” can be deceiving, as this type of aggression can sometimes be extremely […]

Scratching Posts

Why Get a Scratching Post? Cats scratch on things for two reasons: to shed their claws and to mark their territory. To save your furniture from damage, you need to […]

Correcting Unwanted Behavior

What to Do with Your Cat’s Unwanted Behavior? There might be times when you find yourself at wit’s end with some of your cat’s unwanted behaviors. One might even want […]