Dog Hazards

Follow the recommended guidelines for keeping your dog confined to ensure good house-training and alone time training. This will give you time to dog-proof your home. Pay attention to the […]

Dog Training Class Recommendation List

List of recommended dog training classes in the Bay Area, updated periodically. Last update: February 17, 2020. Bay Area Prime Paw Classes Offered: Puppy socials, Adolescent socials, Puppy first steps […]

Cat Not Defecating

If you don’t find feces in the litter box there can be a few reasons, and we will help you trouble shoot. Before attributing this to a behavior reason, we […]


Cats are loved for their companionship, playfulness, and gentle love they provide to a home. However, when people and cats live together, some natural feline behaviors can lead to destruction […]

Excessive Meowing

Is your cat is driving you mad meowing nonstop at 3 a.m.? Read on! Compared to dogs, cats are not as obviously vocal. However, certain cats are more vocal than […]

Hiding Behavior (Cats)

Cats normally take a while to adjust to a new environment. If you have recently acquired your cat, you should be aware that acclimation can take anywhere from a few […]

Introducing Cats

Setting the scene. Help your new cat settle into your home by keeping them in a small room with a litter box, food, water, toys, and a safe place to […]

Introducing Dogs and Cats

Before Adopting Find your pet’s perfect match. Before taking the plunge, it’s important to know whether the dog you’re considering is a good candidate to live with your cat and […]

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

Indoor cats and outdoor cats encounter different challenges and risks. An indoor cat might suffer from boredom and medical issues such as obesity leading to stress, behavior problems, and early […]

Kitten Wellness Guide

Learn about the recommended care for kittens. Questions? Call us at 415-554-3030 Kitten Wellness Examinations • Should begin at 2 months of age • Frequency: Every 3–4 weeks • Kitten […]

Litter Box Problems

If your cat is urinating or defecating outside the litter box, we certainly understand your frustration. Luckily, this is a treatable condition in most cases. A medical exam, as well […]

Leash Training (Cats)

Teaching your cat to walk on a harness and leash is a great way to let your cat safely enjoy the outdoors. It can also come in handy during trips […]