Keeping Your Pets Safe in a Disaster


Keeping Your Pets Safe in a Disaster

It’s important to keep your pets in mind as you make plans for a disaster. If you don’t have a plan already, now is the time to make one. Below are some tips for keeping your furry friends safe.

Ensure that your pets are microchipped and wearing collars. Keep your contact information up-to-date with the microchip company. Not sure which company you’re using? Your veterinarian can help.

Plan a safe place to stay. Not all hotels allow pets. Make a plan with friends or relatives, or research which nearby hotels are pet friendly.

What would happen to your pet if a disaster struck and you weren’t home? Designate a trusted caregiver, preferably someone who lives close to you, and make sure that person has a set of your keys.

Put together a disaster kit. This kit should contain:

  • 4-7 day supply of food and bottled water, including bowls.
  • At least a 2 week supply of any medications, plus medical records, stored in a waterproof container. Consider including a pet first aid book.
  • A leash, harness, and carrier so you can easily transport your pet to a safe location. Blankets and towels inside the carrier will help keep your pet comfortable.
  • Litter box, litter, scoop, and garbage bags.
  • Current photos and descriptions of your pets. If you become separated, this will help rescue workers find your animals.

If you evacuate, take your pet. It’s impossible to know how long you’ll be away from home; assume you won’t be allowed to return for several weeks, even if you’re told it will only be a day. Pets left behind in a disaster can be easily injured, killed, or lost. Don’t wait for a mandatory evacuation order – leaving before will reduce stress and help everyone stay safe.

Join the Sido Program! The San Francisco SPCA’s Sido Program offers an innovative way to plan now for your pets’ futures, so your dog or cat will be cared if they outlive you. Enrolling your pet in the Sido Program is easy. To get started contact the Development Team at or 415-554-3029.


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