More lives were saved at Stockton Animal Services in 2015 than ever before!

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., January 20, 2016 – Last year was the best yet for the San Francisco SPCA’s Sister Shelter, Stockton Animal Shelter (SAS). Adoption numbers were higher than ever before, major improvements were made to the shelter itself, and SAS’ services continued to grow and expand. In November 2012, the SF SPCA began offering assistance to SAS with the intention of improving shelter conditions and saving as many lives as possible.

SAS’ 2015 live release rate was 82%, compared to only 32% in 2012. That translates to thousands of lives saved. And more than 3,500 homeless animals were adopted by loving families, compared to 1,294 in 2012. Finally, since 2012 the number of lost animals being returned to their owners has doubled.  All of this was accomplished with more than 11,000 animals taken in at SAS.

“In just three years we’ve seen major improvements that have not only saved lives, but have significantly enhanced the quality of life for shelter animals at SAS,” said Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, SF SPCA co-president. “We couldn’t have done this without community support. The people of Stockton came together to help animals in need and the results are incredible.”

Drastic improvements were made in the housing provided for animals waiting to be adopted. A dedicated cat adoption room was opened so cats are no longer housed next to dogs, and newly installed cat cages are double the size of the previous ones.  These changes help to significantly reduce the stress experienced by shelter animals.

Additionally, SAS expanded its services last year by opening two veterinary trailers. One trailer provides extra space for the treatment and hospitalization of animals who are sick or injured when they arrive at SAS. The other trailer provides more space for spay/neuter surgeries. In 2015, 4,841 spays/neuters were performed at SAS, preventing countless unwanted litters from ending up in the shelter system.  The shelter also expanded hours, and is now open on Sundays.

“Last year was amazingly successful for SAS, and we have even more planned in 2016,” said Phillip Zimmerman, SAS manager. “This coming year we will be offering free spay/neuter surgeries in one of the most underserved areas of Stockton, hosting monthly adoption events, and hiring a new volunteer coordinator! In May we’ll once again be organizing a fundraising gala – stay tuned for details.”

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