Sweetheart Alert! Flora has a heart of gold and is looking for an adopter to take things slowly by giving her lots of kind encouragement as she gets used to the hustle and bustle of new environments. Once feeling confident that the coast is clear, she’s an affectionate girl and has a blast during playtime with our staff and volunteers. Come meet our angel, AKA Flora today!

Moe here is an eager boy with a good zest for life. Strong and bouncy, Moe cannot wait to go on walks with staff and loves to play fetch with everyone. Sometimes he will fetch two balls at once! He is improving a ton with good sits and settle cues, which will be great for when he’s in his forever home. Some new places and things make him a little nervous, but encouragement and treats always help him out. He brings a joy and jolly everywhere he goes and will liven up any home.

Thomas is the little engine that could. This cute and timid boy is progressing each day with his confidence. He still needs gentle encouragements on walks and when meeting new people with his current hesitations. He responds very well to soft happy talk and calm interactions. He will do best in a quiet home and with caring and patient adopters. Come meet this sweet pea!

I’m a sweet pup who is figuring out what my comfort level is. I will need time and patience from my new family as I get used to being in a home.?While I enjoy?gentle?affection from people I trust, I appreciate a slow introduction to new folks.?Playtime, training, puppy socials, and tender love from you will help me figure out the big, wide world. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Life is a party for this youngster. Augie loves to run and play, chase, and roll around with his friends. Still a pup he will benefit from a training class to learn good canine citizenship.

Dashing delightful Dexter is estimated to be about a 1 year old Shepherd mix who arrived to our shelter from Fresno, CA. He can be very excitable and is learning to enjoy calm outings and interactions. He just can’t help himself-he can’t get enough of people! He loves affection, treats, and playing with toys of all shapes and sizes. Whoever decides to make Dexter a part of their family forever will surely not have a boring day ever again.

Shyloh is shy no more! Sweet, lady Shyloh is a volunteer favorite for her earnest eyes, impeccable (occasionally) fetch skills, and eagerness to keep up with her human pals. Arriving from Fresno was a bit of an adjustment but with time, treats and tender loving care this lady may be your next picnic or Farmer’s Market friend. She will do best with a lower dog traffic area where she can focus more on hanging out with you! Perky ears and a penchant for sniffing out a good snack mean that she could be a great training team for some lucky adopter! Come on down to the Adoption Center today!

Tucker is a beautiful 7 month old boy who’s looking for adopters to explore the world slowly with him. While he’s very friendly and great on walks with our volunteers, he may take a beat to warm up at first. We have nice and slow visits with this sweet guy to let him dictate how much interaction he would like. Once he’s feeling safe with you, his tail gets wagging and loves giving and receiving affection. Come meet Tucker today!

Pump up the yams, pump it up! Who’s the smartest spud in the garden? Sweet Potato says, “I yam!” This candied young lady will charm you with her delightful smile and disposition. Even with only 3 legs, she loves to show us her best zoomies in the yard and play fetch with all of our volunteers. She adores her yummy treat-o’s which is great for her training, and we’ve already reaped the results with her auto-sits. Sweet Potato brightens up everyone’s day when they meet her. Do you want to be her forever spuddy? Come in to meet her and never go for russet potatoes again.

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