Well hello there, lovely humans! My name is Toulouse, and I’m here with my best friend Louis. We may not share the same blood, but we have a bond that’s as strong as any biological siblings out there. And can we just take a moment to appreciate my striking white coat? I like to think it’s my secret weapon for winning hearts. But enough about me – what we really want is to find a forever home with a loving family who will cherish us for the special pair that we are. We’re still adjusting to our new surroundings and can be a little shy at first, but with patience and understanding, we’ll soon come out of our shells and show you just how affectionate we can be.

Hi there! My name is Louis, and I’m excited to introduce myself and my best friend Toulouse. We’re a pair that comes as a package deal, and we’re hoping to find our forever home soon. We’re currently feeling a bit shy as we adjust to our new surroundings, but with a little bit of patience and love, we’ll be ready to show you just how affectionate we can be. While I may be a one-eyed, 4-year-old tabby, I promise that my missing eye doesn’t slow me down at all! I still love to play and cuddle just like any other feline out there. And with Toulouse by my side, we make the perfect duo. We have a special bond that we can’t wait to share with our new family.

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