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Amplify Your Giving Power

Donations aren’t the only way you can support the SF SPCA. Check out these out-of-the-box options that amplify your giving power and help us provide access to quality medical care, compassionate shelter, and a loving home for all companion animals.

Social Media

Create a Facebook Fundraiser and ask friends and family to support our mission.

Live Streaming

Support the SF SPCA by livestreaming on your favorite channel.


Mark a special occasion, such as birthday, wedding or anniversary by supporting animals in need.

In Honor

Honor a person’s or pet’s memory by creating a memorial campaign.

Emergency Pet Masks for SFFD

Support our fundraiser on behalf of the San Francisco Fire Department to provide pet oxygen mask kits! These lifesaving kits will be delivered to SFFD and used for the San Francisco community. Please consider donating to our social fundraiser not only for our firefighters, but for the good of our community.

Support Our Mission

Help provide compassionate care for cats and dogs.