AAT & Your Organization

Bring AAT to Your Organization

Dog comforts childIf you’re interested in receiving AAT or Puppy Dog Tales visits, your facility or program must:

  • Be located in the City of San Francisco. If you’re outside the city, please call 415.554.3060 or email AAT@sfspca.org for a referral to an AAT program in your community.
  • Have a reliable contact with phone and email address for communication and scheduling. To guarantee a smooth transition and maintain services, update us as soon as possible should the contact change.
  • Undergo an assessment to discuss pet-related goals and demonstrate an adequate level of safety for visiting teams.
  • Provide a chaperone for visiting teams to promote the safety and enjoyment of clients and teams.
  • Complete and submit our facility questionnaire. We will notify you of receipt and next steps.

Note: at this time we are only able to review applications for facilities that can accommodate weekend and/or evening visits. If your facility can do only weekday visits or can host teams only during regular business hours, please check back and submit a questionnaire after July 1, 2015.

Please direct further inquiries to AAT@sfspca.org or call 415.554.3060.