Sweet and petite, Pascal has a wonderful temperament. He is social with both dogs and people and really enjoys getting out in the world to explore and meet new friends.

George is a goofy and lovable hound mix who seems far more mature than his 11 months might at first suggest. He plays very well with other dogs of all sizes. He also knows basic commands like sit, shake, down, stay and overall is relatively easy to train. He loves people, but is also pretty independent.

George almost never barks. It is rare for him to bark. He sometimes does a muffled bark when someone new is at the door and but is generally quiet. George will sit through a 20 minute bath without any objection even though he doesn’t enjoy the process. But if needed to calm down a crazy dog or give us a warning, he will bark. He is just a man of few words.

He loves his crate. He happily goes in with a treat if you need to leave him for a couple of hours and sleeps the whole night inside his crate. He does not have any accidents inside his crate or the house.

Everywhere he goes George is a popular boy and 99% of the time is very friendly and calm considering he’s not even a year old. Everyone loves George and wants to say hi to him. George plays so sweetly with the other dogs at the dog park – even small ones. He loves to take a ball or rope and tease the other dogs to come and chase him. He goes up to other dog owners and endearingly walks between their legs or leans against them to say hello. No one can resist George. Even our dog walkers are obsessed and think he is special even though they see so many dogs!

Our only issue with George is that he likes his own space sometimes and he communicates that right now by growling/snapping at you when he’s had enough pets- it’s rare but happens. We have a young child in our home and don’t feel like we can take the risk or provide the training George requires to stop his snapping behavior.

A home without young children and/or more experienced dog owners would be very lucky to have George! Everyone we know loves George and he is the type of dog that makes everyone want a dog.

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Hi, my name is Boomer.
I like playing with my human, going to the park, playing fetch that ball.
I am very calm when taking a bath, but you must get me in the tub first. When you come home, I’ll make you feel like your the most important person in world with my welcome home kisses and tail wagging. I will keep you safe at night by guarding you on the bed so no other person can disturb your sleep. I’m worth it! I like carrots, brocolli, yams and dog cookies and (lactose free) milk, just a name a few. But dont over feed me, because I dont know when stop eating. I would really like to be rehomed and loved. Thank you, Boomer.

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Kerry and Joanie need a new home, they just aren’t interacted with enough as my partner and I just recently had our second child and we can’t be sure that Joanie won’t claw so they are in our downstairs where my office is and outside mostly. We think they deserve a more attentive home. Kerry is a gentle loving cat, and Joanie is independent but occasionally needs a cuddle.

“Joanie prefers calm interactions and only a few pets when she wants to cuddle. At times she may rough house with our feet randomly, so she may benefit from cat puzzle toys”

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I’m a sweet pup who is figuring out what my comfort level is. I will need time and patience from my new family as I get used to being in a home. While I enjoy gentle affection from people I trust, I appreciate a slow introduction to new folks. Playtime, training, puppy socials, and tender love from you will help me figure out the big, wide world. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Curly is a perfect city dog, confident, active, and social with dogs and people. Apartment sized he is less than 20 pounds!

My uncle passed away suddenly and he had 2 cats (Rocky & Bullwinkle). Unfortunately, we can’t house Rocky & Bullwinkle because my husband is allergic to cat dander.

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My uncle passed away suddenly and he had 2 cats (Rocky & Bullwinkle). Unfortunately, we can’t house Rocky & Bullwinkle because my husband is allergic to cat dander.

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Email: therese.a.deignan@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 205-1995

mochi is an adorable and social friend who loves cuddles but can also be on his own when needed. he’s playful and sweet.

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