Viola is a friendly and calm little beauty looking for a loving new home. She is social with other dogs and people though she may be initially timid.

Bunny is a bouncy and beautiful girl. She is a super sweetie and loves belly rubs and playing in the park with her favorite toys. She is doing so well in learning sit with her treat based training. She is truly a bundle of joy and will make anyone’s day so much happier!

I found her about 2 weeks ago sad and confused in the rain. She’s a happy, playful, and adorable doggy with a great personality. I can’t own her bcuz my apartment won’t allow me to keep her. She’s 6 years old and fixed.

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Fanny is shy, affectionate and mellow. She is in a moderately active household with two other male cats and one female dog. She loves people. Fanny needs a safer home away from the two male cats. She deserves to live in a stress-free environment. She is up to date on all vaccines as of 3/21/2023, no health issues.

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Dobby is a loving and affectionate dog who is eager to please, especially when there are treats involved! She loves to be pet, especially on her belly and back. She happily greets her people when they come home. She loves to cuddle on the bed or couch. She enjoys sniffing and exploring the backyard and on walks.
She is very trainable with the right patience and kindness and has a lot of potential to improve her reactiveness in the right environment. With her being anxious with new sounds and nervous/fearful around dogs and new people, it’s recommended that her new owner look into a trainer to help her become the best she can be. She has made great progress on walks and can now walk across the street from people without over-reacting. She is still fearful of dogs across the street (but can be redirected with high-value treats) and will need professional help to get her feeling comfortable and confidence to walk across the street from dogs. With her being so treat motivated, her reactivity can be managed with an experience and strong handler.
Currently, Dobby is on a medication prescribed by her vet to decrease here anxiety. It had helped her to be less reactive both at home and on walks.
There have been 5 moments where Dobby has over-reacted from a trigger and nipped/redirected onto someone. more info available on this on request
Dobby’s ideal home would have a yard and a quieter neighborhood. Dobby would do best as the only pet in the home with people who are older teens and adults. Overall, Dobby is a sweet and affectionate dog who needs a change in environment and additional training to reach her full potential. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion to determine if you are the right home for her.

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Tiny Clara is only 6 pounds so is looking for a home that will love her and keep her safe.

Bonded to Kerry. Joanie needs a new home, we just recently had another child and since Joanie can scratch, we haven’t felt comfortable having her around the baby. The cats need someone who can give them more attention.

Joanie prefers calm interactions and only a few pets when she wants to cuddle. At times she may rough house with our feet randomly, so she may benefit from cat puzzle toys

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Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all esteemed cat aficionados and admirers of the feline persuasion! It is our great honor to present to you the most elegant, graceful, and downright delightful gentlelady cat in all the land-Lady Dandy of Whiskerton! Lady Dandy, a charming grey feline of impeccable taste, hails from the prestigious city of Monterey. Known for her regal bearing and sophisticated meow. But be forewarned, dear friends, for our esteemed Lady is currently feeling a tad shy, preferring the solace of her cushioned tower to the fanfare of the court. Fear not, however, for Lady Dandy is no ordinary aristocat! Behind her demure demeanor lies a playful streak as vibrant as her silken fur and a penchant for whimsical frolics. Marvel as she gallantly chases after the elusive red dot, or as she valiantly pounces upon the treacherous feather wand! And remember, in the words of the great Lady Dandy herself: “A home without a cat is like a palace without a queen!”

I’m a curious kitty who likes to get my paws on my surroundings. I might be a little mischievous, so I’ll be looking to you to show me what to do instead through patience and love. Daily play sessions and fun toys will help keep my mind and body engaged. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my kitten education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

Help me grow into a confident, well-adjusted cat by signing up for Kitten Kindergarten!

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