I found her about 2 weeks ago sad and confused in the rain. She’s a happy, playful, and adorable doggy with a great personality. I can’t own her bcuz my apartment won’t allow me to keep her. She’s 6 years old and fixed.

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Email: djbandy12@gmail.com
Phone: (408) 314-4846

Curly is a perfect city dog, confident, active, and social with dogs and people. Apartment sized he is less than 20 pounds!

Somi is a little over 1 years of age and is a great dog. She’s well trained, listens to commands and is overall a great companion. My significant other and I jointly took Somi home and my significant other put in alot of work to train her; we have since separated and I can no longer look after a dog on my own. I also have general allergies that get exacerbated whilst looking after her for extended periods of time. She’s on the smaller end of size for her breed, but is really a sweet girl who deserves a great home.

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Peggy is another precious and tender pup. She is a little shy at times, but is ready to blossom in her new home with you. She is great friends with another doggie, Pip. They are not a bonded pair, but can go home together if you would be willing. They are cute furry friends!

Pixel is super sweet and affectionate. She needs the help of an adopter to get her comfortable with new places and things, but at her pace. With a calm and loving home she will be able to enjoy the world. She has already opened up and showed her lovely, sweet, and social side to the staff here and everyone is such a fan of her. On top of that she has been progressing so well with basic cues like sit and touch. She will make any adopter feel so lucky to have her!

Lick warning! Ludwig is a kisser!! Silly and affectionate he has a hearing deficit so will need to be kept on leash when not in a securely fenced area, or inside. Ludwig is friendly to dogs and people alike.

Life is a party for this youngster. Augie loves to run and play, chase, and roll around with his friends. Still a pup he will benefit from a training class to learn good canine citizenship.

Molly and Maddie have been together for 6 years. Molly was adopted when Maddie was 3 and they have been together ever since. They snuggle each other, walk in pairs, and potty at the same time. They have been companions to an elderly couple and have been at their side until they moved to memory care.

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Molly and Maddie have been together for 6 years. They are a bonded pair. The run side by side, potty together, and lay next to each other snuggling. They are sweet and friendly and looking for a nice lap to keep warm.

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Email: hblivermore@yahoo.com
Phone: (415) 577-8728

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