Zonk is perfect — he is cuddly, obedient, friend to dogs and humans, and doesn’t bark almost ever. He loves attention, but will leave you alone if you ask for space. He’s 40 lbs and almost 3 years old.

His one challenge is isolation anxiety. We are looking for someone who can take this 10/10 cute boy into a home where he is not left home alone. We think he would do well with another dog. Most importantly, he would be best suited with folks who have a strong network of friends and family to help support Zonk in his training.

Zonk’s isolation anxiety is “mild” because he has never destroyed furniture or hurt himself — he just barks, but once he starts barking he barks and/or howls until you come back. The longest this has ever been is ~4 hours when we originally adopted him 2 years ago. Since then Zonk has never been left alone outside of isolation anxiety training, he has always been with neighbors, sitters, or at daycare.

We actually think his isolation anxiety may be improved if there is another dog in the house — he lived briefly in two houses that had other animals – one with a dog and 2 cats for a month, and one with 3 other dogs for a month. Zonk loves having a playpal, and there were no issues with the other animals.

We think a house (as opposed to an apartment) would be a better fit for his isolation anxiety since they are quieter and he may have an easier time settling down. When left in a house setting, we noticed he seemed to do better with his isolation anxiety (i.e. in a new environment with no training, he could settle for over an hour).

I know I’m hammering on the isolation anxiety, it really is his only issue and I really really really want to find a home and an adopter who can work with him on this. He’s an incredible dog who just needs some extra support

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