Athena is a sweet, loving, cuddly, calm as well as fun 11 year old tabby. Her best friend is Aurora, they’ve been together at least 8 years – also a loving and wonderful companion. Here’s more about the two of them – you’ll see this listed for Aurora as well. They were rescued by the Marin Humane and instead of being scared and anxious, they are the most loving cats I’ve known. They love each other and take care of each other as much as their person. They have been emotional support cats who are amazingly intuitive and loving. They play and love to look at birds out the window and chirp at them – Athena is fascinated by looking out the window – and she talks to me and the birds as if she can tell what we are staying. (they are indoor only) She especially likes naps in your lap and being held like a baby. Healthy and happy – they will great you with a “hello” and talk to you in their own special way.

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