I’m a curious kitty who likes to get my paws on my surroundings. I might be a little mischievous, so I’ll be looking to you to show me what to do instead through patience and love. Daily play sessions and fun toys will help keep my mind and body engaged. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my kitten education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

Help me grow into a confident, well-adjusted cat by signing up for Kitten Kindergarten!

My uncle passed away suddenly and he had 2 cats (Rocky & Bullwinkle). Unfortunately, we can’t house Rocky & Bullwinkle because my husband is allergic to cat dander.

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Email: therese.a.deignan@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 205-1995

I’m here with my sister Brady, and we’re a package deal. Let me tell you about myself: I’m pretty sure I was named after the fabulous Brooke Shields (even though I’m a boy), thanks to my show-stopping good looks and feline brilliance. I didn’t attend Princeton, but my sister and I did earn our “paw-grees” from the prestigious Kitty Academy-a cozy home where we mingled with the finest feline mentors. You see, we’re cats of many monikers. Some humans call us “Orange Cats,” while others prefer “Ginger Cats.” We see ourselves as a limited edition, ultra-rare meow-sterpieces. That’s right-we are your one and only, authentic Orange Ginger Supremes! If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic, hilarious, and purr-fectly intelligent pair of feline siblings, your search ends here! With Brilliant Brooke and Brady as your whiskered companions, every day will be a cat-stravaganza of laughter and un-fur-gettable adventures.

We’ve just landed in San Francisco, trading our small-town roots for the bustling urban jungle. So far, it’s been a purr-fectly thrilling cat-venture! I’m here with my brother Brooke, and we’re a bonded pair that must be adopted together. As playful kitties, we’re all about striking that work-life balance. Our daily routine involves playing with toys, munching on meals, and catching some Z’s (though the order is open to negotiation). It’s a tough life, but some cats gotta live it! Are you on the hunt for a loyal, orange-furred dynamic duo named Brady & Brooke? Look no further, because we’re the cat’s whiskers! We’ll be the talk of the town, sharing laughs and cat-ventures aplenty! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this Brady Bunch party started!

Prepare to be swept off your feet by Alton – the most endearing, snuggly feline who will warm your heart with his tender purrs and delightful antics. This fluffy bundle of affection simply can’t resist cuddling and relishes every moment spent snuggled up in your lap, showering you with love. Alton’s gentle, kind spirit radiates from within, illuminating every corner of your home with his sweet presence.

Alton is on the lookout for a Radical Rescuer – a special someone who can not only adore him but also help manage his unique medical needs. You see, Alton has been diagnosed with FIV and FeLV, which means his immune system is a bit more delicate than other kitties. He’s dreaming of a loving adopter who can safeguard him from viruses and infections, and cherish him unconditionally for the rest of his days.

The SF SPCA is committed to supporting animals like Alton, and we are eager to help you learn more about this sweet fur baby. Come visit Alton and let him show you the boundless love and happiness he can bring into your life. Your heart will melt the moment you meet him.

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