Mimi is our adorable and goofy sheepadoodle. She is an excellent emotional support dog, with her around we can’t even raise our voices, forget about fighting :). She loves walks, we usually take her for one long walk in a day and 3 other short walks. She is completely house-trained, we did not have a single incident in our apartment. She is a little leash reactive but we’ve been working with a trainer for that.

Why are we looking to re-home her?
My lawyers made some mistakes in my visa and I had to leave US on an urgent basis. We have a 17th month old and with me gone, my wife has been struggling to take care of the two kids. Mimi is not great with kids that’s why we have to keep her and my son separate. I’m still figuring out my visa situation but there is no clarity when I can re-unite with my family. We live in San Francisco but for a few days we have asked our friend to take care of Mimi in Stockton, CA

Who would be best match for Mimi?
She would be best suited for a household with
– no kids (teenagers should be fine),
– with no other pets (she can’t co-exist with cats),
– someone who previously owned a large dog,
– also preferably someone with a backyard (this will be plus but not necessary as she is a complete city girl and loves her walks).

How to reach me?
Since I’m outside US I can respond via texts/emails. Also if you provide me your phone number I can call you back via google voice.
Name: Pankaj Sinha
Email: pankaj.sinha.r@gmail.com
Phone: 609-558-2928

This is a very hard decision for us but hoping Mimi will find a loving home.

Here are some pictures of Mimi

Contact Pankaj
Email: pankaj.sinha.r@gmail.com
Phone: (609) 558-2928

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