We need to rehome His Meowjesty Hiro and Court Jester Fuji.

As much as it breaks our hearts, it’s time for us to rehome our beloved boys, Hiro (grey tux) and Fuji (black tux). These bonded boys are super sweet, very mellow, hilarious, and timid.

We adopted them just prior to the pandemic, and while they’ve lived with our family for almost 3 years now, it’s clear that we need to find them a quieter place to call their furever home. Will you let these lovely boys into your lives?

Hiro is a tiny but princely thing. He talks when he wants something – he yowls fr wet food in the morning (they have plenty of dry food all the time), then jumps on our bed and demands to be petted and brushed daily. He insta purrs and trills with his petting and brushing. He sleeps most of the day and most of the night, and loves to carry around little springs like they are his royal property, but when he gets scared he’ll run and hide behind the washer. Hiro is not a lap kitty but tolerates his humans when he wants something. He can spend all day by himself but if he wants the potty cleaned or some wet foot, it’s meow city. When we first brought the boys home, we found hero hiding ON TOP of his big goofy brother Fuji.

The boys are both super gentle, and have been patient and very gentle around our kids. However, we do believe with the noise, stomping, and shouting, it would be best to find them a quieter place to live, preferably with someone who can spend a bit more time with them than we can, with no other pets and probably only older kids. We are all heartbroken but know this is the best thing for the boys. If someone nearby is willing to open their home and their hearts to these lovely boys, we’re happy to provide tons of food.

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