Francesca is a petite sweet 5 year-old lady with lots of love to give. She’s shy at first but can be very loving and cuddly once she warms up and will seek your company by sitting next to you or on your lap. She’s very curious and likes to be where the action is, like watching you cook or watch cat tv (the window) to see what the neighbors are up to. Fran can be quite vocal to let you know she wants to play or wants cuddles, and her meows are the sweetest!
She is not very active but enjoys playtime once or twice a day with her favorite toys. She has spent time with another cat which went well but she didn’t seem very interested, so we are not sure how she would do with other cats in the house. We are looking for a quiet and loving home for her, where she can get the love she needs. We love her very much and are devastated to not be able to keep her due to upcoming life changes and are committed to finding her the perfect forever home.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact Andrea
Phone: (415) 318-6933

Sammy is loving to people, and some dogs his size. He is not friendly with small animals and needs a loving dedicated home to help him be the happiest he can be.

Contact Jordan
Phone: (971) 352-2701

Reginald is a 4 year old terrier mix and is high energy! He enjoys playing, hiking, swimming, learning and cuddling! He is neutered and up to date on shots. He would do best in a home without kids and active adults. Reginald is a great companion and love to be nearby the people he loves.

Contact Nailea
Phone: (562) 879-1175

Stray kittens…Her Mom was a feral cat that has been spayed and released. She has lived in my house with her sister the past 8 months..while I have looked for a home for them both.I need to place them both asap because I am having some needed work on my house and we are allergic.

Contact Denise
Phone: (510) 738-7246

We need to rehome His Meowjesty Hiro and Court Jester Fuji.

As much as it breaks our hearts, it’s time for us to rehome our beloved boys, Hiro (grey tux) and Fuji (black tux). These bonded boys are super sweet, very mellow, hilarious, and timid.

We adopted them just prior to the pandemic, and while they’ve lived with our family for almost 3 years now, it’s clear that we need to find them a quieter place to call their furever home. Will you let these lovely boys into your lives?

Fuji is the giant goofball – he chases bouncy balls, is clumsy, and jumps in front of my video camera for many of my calls each day to stare into the camera. He loves chasing strings around and rubbing up against our legs. He follows us around, sometimes jumps in our laps once in awhile, but almost never meows. He doesn’t purr as much but when he gets going he’s got a little engine.
Fuji likes to be close by his humans, and know that they are nearby. He’s absolutely hilarious and cracks us up all the time. But he gets scared and hides behind the washer sometimes, especially when new people are visiting or there is shouting.

The boys are both super gentle, and have been patient and very gentle around our kids. However, we do believe with the noise, stomping, and shouting, it would be best to find them a quieter place to live, preferably with someone who can spend a bit more time with them than we can, with no other pets and probably only older kids. We are all heartbroken but know this is the best thing for the boys. If someone nearby is willing to open their home and their hearts to these lovely boys, we’re happy to provide tons of food.

Contact Aaron
Phone: (510) 910-0451

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