Presenting Stryder, the hilariously hip SF city cat who’s just sauntered into the shelter, on the prowl for a loving forever home with a plush couch to binge-watch the latest season of ‘Succession’ in style! Stryder, a suave 6-year-old male brown tabby, is a master of the fine art of juggling playtime, luxurious cat naps, gourmet meals, and quality time with his favorite human(s) – once he’s done his due diligence and built trust, of course. Are you ready to roll out the red carpet for Stryder, the tabby cat virtuoso, and embark on a heartwarming journey filled with chuckles, affection, and riveting TV nights? Together, you’ll forge a bond that’s worthy of a prime-time Emmy. The spotlight is on – let the feel-good show begin, and watch as Stryder’s true purr-sonality takes center stage!

Introducing Abalone, the charming feline with a heart as precious as a pearl! This white and grey tabby may not be a creature of the sea, but he’s certainly got a talent for bringing joy and laughter to any home. With his irresistibly cute face and soothing purr, Abalone has a way of melting hearts and spreading love wherever he goes. If you’re searching for a cat who’s as delightful and endearing as his name suggests, Abalone is the purrfect companion for you!

Hello, dear humans! My name is Marzipan, and I’m a sweet, affectionate and playful 1 1/2-year-old feline with a personality as delightful as my name. I’m a special kitty with a unique charm-I’m polydactyl and have an adorable one-eyed gaze. With my soft and fluffy fur, I’m the perfect cuddle buddy for cozy nights on the couch. I’ve been told I have a motor that just won’t quit! I love to purr and show my affection with headbutts and nuzzles. My sweet and loving nature is sure to melt your heart. I have a refined palate and enjoy sampling a variety of treats and cuisines. Tuna, chicken, or salmon? I’m always excited to see what’s on the menu! I’m looking for a forever home filled with love, playtime, and plenty of snuggles.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by Alton – the most endearing, snuggly feline who will warm your heart with his tender purrs and delightful antics. This fluffy bundle of affection simply can’t resist cuddling and relishes every moment spent snuggled up in your lap, showering you with love. Alton’s gentle, kind spirit radiates from within, illuminating every corner of your home with his sweet presence.

Alton is on the lookout for a Radical Rescuer – a special someone who can not only adore him but also help manage his unique medical needs. You see, Alton has been diagnosed with FIV and FeLV, which means his immune system is a bit more delicate than other kitties. He’s dreaming of a loving adopter who can safeguard him from viruses and infections, and cherish him unconditionally for the rest of his days.

The SF SPCA is committed to supporting animals like Alton, and we are eager to help you learn more about this sweet fur baby. Come visit Alton and let him show you the boundless love and happiness he can bring into your life. Your heart will melt the moment you meet him.

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