Looking for a one-stop, all-shop, never-need-another best friend? Sal’s your pal. He will quickly find his way to your heart by showing you where his is when he goes belly-up. This super friendly and energetic boy loves company and exploring the world. He loves to go on adventures and is excellent at his reward-based training. Sal’s got those sits down to a T; not a slow learner at all. Come meet this cool canine!

Cassie is a little bit timid when first meeting new people so is looking for a home with patient adopters as she learns to trust and gains confidence. Cassie is very social with other dogs.

Bunny is a bouncy and beautiful girl. She is a super sweetie and loves belly rubs and playing in the park with her favorite toys. She is doing so well in learning sit with her treat based training. She is truly a bundle of joy and will make anyone’s day so much happier!

I’m a sweet pup who is figuring out what my comfort level is. I will need time and patience from my new family as I get used to being in a home. While I enjoy gentle affection from people I trust, I appreciate a slow introduction to new folks. Playtime, training, puppy socials, and tender love from you will help me figure out the big, wide world. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Mardi is a party! She is a super social doggie who adores being with others and has down well with other doggies. She is always there to bring smiles to the staff’s faces. She will do best in a home as a solo dog and with older kids to respect her space and things. Come meet this great gal!

Sweetie truly lives up to her name. She is an absolute sweetheart and is a sensitive soul. She much prefers calm interactions and hanging out in calm and peaceful places. She is very affectionate and will benefit from continuing her treat based training. Come meet her and become her best friend!

Sweetheart Alert! Flora has a heart of gold and is looking for an adopter to take things slowly by giving her lots of kind encouragement as she gets used to the hustle and bustle of new environments. Once feeling confident that the coast is clear, she’s an affectionate girl and has a blast during playtime with our staff and volunteers. Come meet our angel, AKA Flora today!

Pixel is super sweet and affectionate. She needs the help of an adopter to get her comfortable with new places and things, but at her pace. With a calm and loving home she will be able to enjoy the world. She has already opened up and showed her lovely, sweet, and social side to the staff here and everyone is such a fan of her. On top of that she has been progressing so well with basic cues like sit and touch. She will make any adopter feel so lucky to have her!

Parker is an estimated 1 year old Retriever/Pit Bull mix who arrived to us from San Francisco Animal Care & Control. She is a perky and personable pup who loves to go to our play yard and play with toys to her heart’s content. She is progressing so well with her training to help with her lively personality. Parker is a smart pup as well and already knows cues such as auto-sits and touches. She will surely bring joy to any home she goes to!

Here’s what a good samaritan, who found Parker and brought her into the shelter, had to say about her:
“I could go on and on about how Parker turned my world upside down for a day, but just go to the SPCA and meet her. She’ll change your life. She is such a magical, goofy character who wants to be out in the world and explore and learn and rest her head on your stomach as you fall asleep.”

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